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Qatar National Import & Export (QNIE)

Founded in 1964 by its cofounder Mr. Walid Ihsan Alkhiyami, QNIE began as a small operation selling imported food items with a vision of sourcing quality FMCG products globally to meet local demand. QNIE has since grown and expanded its products and brand portfolio with international and globally recognized brands to become one of the leading FMCG distributors in Qatar.

QNIE’s distribution services include the following:

Retail: QNIE provides the food retail segment in Qatar with one of the widest ranges of products and represents a number of key brands. It has exceptionally strong relationships with its suppliers and is well equipped to meet its clients’ needs. QNIE services all types of stores—from large hypermarkets and supermarkets to minimarkets and small traditional groceries. QNIE covers wholesalers to optimize the reach of its products in the Qatari market.


Food Service: QNIE is one of the leading suppliers to food service providers in Qatar with a strong product portfolio and a dedicated team covering a wide cross-section of customers, including all categories of hotels, fine dining, casual dining, and quick service restaurants, as well as retail stores. 


“Setting the Standard for Food Excellence Since 1964.” 

Qatar Logistical Services 

QLS is a well-established storage and distribution 3rd-party logistics (3PL) company wholly owned by the Group and operating as the logistics arm of the Group. QLS was established in 2014 to fulfill the Group’s storage and distribution needs. QLS has since expanded its 3PL services and fleet to offer a complete functional solution for best in class end to end logistical services.

In the realm of Distribution and Logistics, Qatar Logistical Services distinguishes itself by providing bespoke warehouse solutions carefully designed to meet the specific needs of our clientele. 


Employing cutting-edge technology, we debunk the complexities of logistics, offering clear-cut solutions for a diverse range of products. Our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities ensure the optimal preservation of perishable goods. Moreover, we boast an impressive operational capacity, overseeing the management of over 15 million cases annually across ten strategically positioned hubs, bolstered by a fleet of more than 150 vehicles. This rigorous undertaking translates into the receipt of over 9,000 containers, fortifying our expansive network within Qatar.


"Navigating Logistics with Precision and Care." 

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Tazweed for Trading & Catering 

Founded in February 2009. Tazweed has since expanded its services and fleet and has secured several long-term delivery contracts with major suppliers and retailers in the region.

Carving a niche in the FMCG landscape, our growth journey is characterized by strategic affiliations that have driven us to the forefront of the industry. We take great pride in being the principal distributor for renowned brands, including Noor, London Dairy, and Tiffany — all of which fall under the recognized IFFCO umbrella. This partnership with IFFCO boosts our market reach, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences.

“Empowering Everyday Choices.”

Zero1 Telecommunication & Electronics 

Zero One, a wholly owned subsidiary of QNIE, was established in November 2012 to service the Group entities and has since expanded its product offering to include the distribution of telecommunication products in partnership with Vodafone. 


The Company provides telecommunication and information technology solutions ranging from hardware requirements, applications and software under one integrated platform to day-to-day IT services. 


Zero One also acts as a distributor for Vodafone products to consumers and SMEs (small & medium enterprises). The distribution agreement was initially established in 2009.


"Bridging Possibilities: The Group's Digital Vanguard."

Arla Foods Qatar

Arla Foods Qatar is a joint venture between QNIE and Arla Foods Denmark, the fifth largest dairy company in the world and a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 dairy farmers.

This collaboration leverages our local market insights and Arla's global dairy expertise in the dairy industry. Our expertise encompasses intricate market strategies, adept merchandising, and precise trade marketing, all showcased through a portfolio that proudly features leading brands such as Puck, Lurpac, and Kraft. Through this partnership, we bring Qatar a perfect blend of global dairy excellence and trusted household names.


"A Joint Vision: Nourishing Qatar with World-Class Dairy."

Holland & Barrett 

Originating from the UK, Holland & Barrett has firmly rooted its presence in Qatar with three dedicated stores. The Group established Holland and Barret for Trading WLL (“H&B Trading”) in 2016 Renowned for its emphasis on health and beauty, the brand offers an extensive range of wellness products, spanning from dietary supplements and natural remedies to premium skincare. In its commitment to holistic well-being, Holland & Barrett Qatar continues the brand's longstanding tradition, maintaining its position as the one-stop shop for those seeking premier health and beauty solutions.


"Championing Wellness, the Holland & Barrett Way.."

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Doha National Food Industry 

Pioneering modern food production over its impressive two-year tenure, Doha National Food Industry seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts distinct sections for meticulous meat/poultry processing and fresh goods preparation. Central to our commitment to quality is our cutting-edge food laboratory, powered by advanced technology. However, our dedication to excellence extends beyond our brand. Renowned TGI Fridays and Del Monte place their trust in us for their filling needs. As we set new benchmarks in food manufacturing, we look towards the future, exploring export opportunities and extending our legacy of unparalleled food quality.


" Redefining Culinary Excellence, One Bite at a Time."

Alwatania International Investment & Real Estate Development

Alwatania International Investment & Real Estate Development (AWIIRE) is a cornerstone in the local real estate landscape, boasting a diverse range of successfully completed projects. The Group, primarily through AWIIRE, holds a number of real estate assets in Qatar. AWIIRE is the wholly owned real estate development arm of the Group, established in 2014. 


Our portfolio is a testament to our adaptability, comprising several  strategically positioned warehouses, contemporary office spaces, and residential properties that have become home to a thriving community. As we celebrate our present achievements, our forward momentum drives us to continue developing industrial, commercial and residential spaces and further enhance the communities we are dedicated to serving.


"Developing Spaces for the Future — Today."

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